Lousiana IceGators
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Louisiana IceGators

Brabham Cups (Regular Season Champions): 1997-98

Riley/Kelly Cups (ECHL Champions): None

Home Ice: Cajundome

Media: The Daily Advertiser, Baton Rouge Advocate

History:: The IceGators have only been around since 1995, but they are considered the premier franchise in the ECHL, and perhaps all of minor league hockey. Their inagural season saw them draw just under 10,000 fans a game, and solidified the league's place in the hearts of Gulf Coast sports fans. The incredible success that the Gators had in the relatively small market of Lafayette attracted national media attention, not to mention the intrest of other hockey owners, who had ECHL teams in Baton Rouge and New Orleans within two years time. Despite the late arrival of their big city cousins, the IceGators contined to prosper at the gate, drawing over 11,000 average in their sophmore season, and on the ice, reaching the 1997 Kelly Cup finals against South Carolina.

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