Miami Matadors
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Miami Matadors

Brabham Cups (Regular Season Champions): None

Riley/Kelly Cups (ECHL Champions): None

Home Ice: Miami Arena

Media: None

History:: The Matadors began life in the fall of 1995 as the Louisville River Frogs. This was the second ECHL team to try its luck in Louisville, after political and managerial conflicts caused the old IceHawks to shut down and eventually move to Jacksonville. The Frogs gained a good following and led a fairly quiet existance until they were purchased by the Florida Panthers. The Panthers wanted to move the franchise to South Florida to fill the vacancy in Miami Arena left by the Panthers move to the new National Car Rental Center. In return, they promised to locate an AHL team in Louisville. The city fathers back in Kentucky rejected the idea of using Freedom Hall for an AHL team, but by then the Frogs were no more. The newly cristened Matadors are the first ECHL entry to compete in an NHL market, and have done poorly at the box office, so another move may be forthcoming.

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