Jacksonville Lizard Kings
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Jacksonville Lizard Kings

Brabham Cups (Regular Season Champions): None

Riley/Kelly Cups (ECHL Champions): None

Home Ice: Jacksonville Memorial Coliseum

Media: Florida Times-Union

History:: The predecessors to the Lizard Kings, the Louisville IceHawks, took to the ice in 1990 as one of three expansion entries (along with Cincinnati and Richmond.) The IceHawks suprised many by reaching the Riley cup finals in only their second year of play, only to be swept by Hampton Roads. Overall, however, the IceHawks were a fairly mediocre team, and constant bickering over their arena lease, as well as some mismanagement, led the team to suspend operations for the 1994-95 campaign, thereby denying Louisvillians their hockey fix. Finally a compromise was reached. A new group would field a team in the Derby City, the Louisville River Frogs. The owners of the IceHawks meanwhile, would resume operations in Florida as the Lizard Kings. This proved to be a much better arangement for all concerned, and the Lizard Kings flourished in their new home. In their first season back, the Lizard Kings made an improbable (they were seeded 15th) run to the Riley Cup finals before being swept by Charlotte for the title.

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