Toledo Storm
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Toledo Storm

Brabham Cups (Regular Season Champions): 1991-92

Riley/Kelly Cups (ECHL Champions): 1992-93, 1993-94

Home Ice: Toledo Sports Arena

Media: Toledo Blade

History:: The Toledo Storm was born in 1991 and instantly lived up to its name. They beacame the first, and so far only, expansion team to win the Brabham Cup regular season title. To show that wasn't a fluke the next season saw them win the first of back-to-back Riley Cups. Needless to say, Toledo fans expect nothing less than the best hockey, and they usually get it! As the league has expanded southward, and with longtime rival Columbus soon closing shop, Storm fans have felt isolated from the rest of the league, and have openly speculated about a future jump to the AHL. That plan appears to be coming to fruition with the announcement by the Detroit Red Wings that they will move their AHL franchise to a new arena proposed for suburban Toledo in time for the 2000-01 season. No one yet knows if this will push the Storm out of town, or whether they will stay and try to defend their turf.

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